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Tips: This document is still in the draft stage.

Estate is a non-fungible digital asset on newton blockchain. An estate is an association of two or more directly adjacent parcels of LAND.

  • These parcels must be directly adjacent and cannot be separated by any other parcel. By connecting parcels to form Estates, you can more easily manage your larger LAND holdings.

TokenURI Format

"name":"Estate #3",
"description":"Andverse Estate. Each Estate is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public NewChain blockchain (NRC-7).",
"name":"Crypto City",
"description":"The first-ever crypto city.",
"value": 62,
  • name: the name of estate
  • description: the description of estate
  • image: the description of estate, auto, automatically generated according to the surrounding environment
  • andverse:user custom data, including name, description, website and image
  • properties: metadata of properties
  • external_url: the url to